Observatory on Culture of Lawfulness – Trust-CM

The Observatory on Culture of Lawfulness is independent entity dedicated to activities of applied research, information and consultancy and whose services are offered to public institutions, private companies and any other civil social agents.

The Observatory seeks to create the infrastructure necessary to sustain an information regional system related to Government best practices, and especially focused on the analysis of the experiences of institutional innovation on transparency, fight against corruption, accountability and democracy quality matters; its aim is to give an answer to the difficulty of accessing to important information related to institutional design which is suffered by many institutions.

The Observatory offers the following services:  

  1. The Bank of Best Practices is responsible for information gathering, protocol designing and external evaluation on institutional reform experiences which have been implemented by both, public administrations and all other associations and foundations of the civil society. 
  1. The Laboratory on Culture of Lawfulness is responsible for knowledge transfer and the consultancy services offered on the different phases of design, implementation, control and evaluation of institutional reform projects which are oriented to the core principles of this program and, moreover, on the prevention and delimitation of responsibilities of the agents engaged to the perform of their activities.
  1. The Evaluation and Forecast Centre executes and communicates the studies, analysis and forecasts produced referred to the opinion and assessment done by the social agents, the institutions, the press media and the civil society in general on the questions related to the Culture of Lawfulness.